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Search engine optimisation and content

We could tell you more about our global technology partners, how we use live web traffic and keyword analysis and develop content. Boring, right?

That’s why we start with your business, not ours. We should not be talking about clicks and search engines, but about foreign markets you want to penetrate and revenue.
So, first...

Why would you want us to help you with your SEO and content?

Boots on the ground
We are international trade experts, have our ‘boots on the ground’ and know how to develop and implement market entry strategies


Digital marketing expertise
We combine that extensive know-how with digital marketing expertise


Experiences on both sides of the table
Members of our team have worked for governmental organisations, dealing with trade promotion as well as foreign direct investment attraction.

What we believe...

We should really be discussing with you the factors that directly influence your ROI:

Average cost per lead
What do you currently consider a reasonable cost to acquire an average lead (% marketing costs of total budget)?

Amount of initial requests
Could you give an estimate of the amount of initial requests for information that actually convert to requests for quotation?

Estimated success rate
How many requests for quotation do you get per year and what is your estimated success rate?

How many RFQ’s would you need?
How many requests for quotation would you like to generate in the first six months?

Online intro meetings
How many (online) intro meetings with potential customers do you want during the first six months?

In short

How we can develop a digital process that is sustainable and brings in a whole lot more then what you invested? Let’s talk and start there – no strings attached!
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