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8 steps to successfully help you conquer new international markets

Imagine you are registering for a foreign trade event: online, physical or hybrid. Or maybe you would like to visit foreign customers or prospects but are not able to. By operating your LinkedIn profile, we first develop your lead list and then reach out to them. On your behalf, we connect with your leads every day. We do most of the work, so you can stay focused on your day-to-day business.


The eight planning steps to success:

1. Kick-off
Determine your export- & market-entry strategy
Based on our 20+ years of international trade experience, we will jointly decide on the best way forward (direct sales or through a partner, which products/services are best suited, etc.).

2. Planning
What would be a good time for you to meet your leads?
Use trade show visits or plan sales trips as low threshold meeting points. These in-market visits define your timeline, right from the start.

3. Profile
Create a LinkedIn/XING profile as a ‘10 seconds pitch’
Use key words, include compelling pitch material, clear proposition, define and describe key target groups.

4. Lead base
Create customized lead lists with Sales Navigator.
We use our years of experience with the LinkedIn Sales Navigator and XING search to find your prime leads online.

5. Messaging
What’s the key message, your proposition in < 300 characters?
Let’s figure out which questions trigger your leads, provoke dialogue and acquire market intelligence at the same time. We will use advanced translation software and language support services, to customize the use of language per country.

6. Sales pitch
Develop and adapt a catchy slide presentation.
We will check existing material, adapt it to fit in with country expectations and improve the impact by applying story telling techniques.

7. Lead generation
With your written approval we operate your profile.
We approach your target group decision-makers. For all they know, it’s you reaching out, in their local language. Log in on your own account and follow our progress 24/7 in establishing your first degree sales and lead network in the country of your choice.

8. Evaluation and optimization
Are we doing the right thing or the thing right?
Check & optimize target groups and evaluate messaging. We check where can potential improvements be made based on data from earlier project results.

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