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Here are some common questions about our services

How much does Leads2Business cost?

There are different packages, but onboarding, getting you ready and then actively engaging for four months with potential buyers in your preferred market would mean an investment of € 6.000.

Can the Leads2Business service only focus on one country?

No, it can focus on various countries, but our advice is to start with one country, see how things work and take it from there.

Are some sectors better than others, when applying Leads2Business?

Not really. It is important to look at your business proposition and how your current domestic clients perceive your added value. Do you think that this perception might change, due to the increased physical distance between yourself and the foreign customers you are aiming for? How to work with the answer to that question will determine the outcome.

How can I be so sure that Leads2Business will actually help me generate more revenue?

First of all: Leads2Business is a service, aimed at generating qualified leads. This means, it is your own responsibility to capitalize on those leads.

Leads2Business will help you to build a network of prospects, that showed a willingness to engage with you. What follows is this one-on-one engagement. The essence there is to ask questions and listen first, before trying to sell. Besides engaging with ‘ hot leads’ you now have a tool to monitor and nurture the others. There are no guarantees in life, but your chances of success increase exponentially.

There are many agencies offering LinkedIn services. Why would I choose Leads2Business?

The service companies you refer to are mostly into training and assisting you in your domestic market. Leads2Business is aimed at supporting SME’s that want to grow internationally. Our team gives you the best of two worlds: international trade know how and digital marketing expertise.

Does Leads2Business make my company more dependent on an outsider for generating leads and revenue for my business?

No, not if you don’t want this to happen. We offer our service for an agreed number of months, then it automatically stops, unless you want it to continue. Everything we do is visible in your own LinkedIn environment and when we terminate our services we organize a de-brief with tips, tricks and recommendations.

I already use LinkedIn, so how is Leads2Business any different?

In many cases we see that people do not use LinkedIn systematically. More importantly, we observe that most people are impatient and start selling right away, which – in most cases - does not work well. That is where our approach is different.

If you operate my LinkedIn account, do I need to share my password with you?

Yes. We need your consent to operate your LinkedIn profile. You could consider changing your password to a temporary one, for as long as we are involved

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