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Start-up: positioning brings in business

Our client is a start-up, in the business of storytelling, a valuable management tool for companies to communicate key messages to vital decision-makers, through the use of captivating stories.

When we started implementing Leads2Business in various countries we had to figure out a whole bunch of things. Who needs this? Is it just for higher management? Why not use it to help sales people to improve their pitch?

We produced trial lead lists, developed the key messages and started exploring the market. With a crystal-clear marketing concept and a compelling LinkedIn profile, we managed to get a foot in the door with a large multinational, a 2.000 fte company, with an estimated roll-out to 100 people. To make it even better, our client got invited for a meeting by the CEO of US company. This start-up is on its way!

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US to Germany: industrial agent search and leads support program

North America's Largest Single Site Inventory of Specialty Plate was producing sales in Germany. But there was plenty more where that came from. First push was towards finding an industrial agent, with knowledge of the Inox (stainless steel) market.

Competent industrial agents in the Benelux and the German speaking countries are hard to get by; when they are good, they are not interested and vice versa. With Leads2Business we succeeded in signing on the proper candidate within two months.

Our client asked us to apply our techniques for sales support, to get the ball rolling for the newly signed agent. We managed to generate six leads within four months (average customer sales value: $ 30.000). Client content, agent happy.

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Economic Development Organizations wanting to promote international trade and inward investments

We met with the inward investment attraction official of the largest city of a southeastern state in 2019. The meeting took place some months before the pandemic hit us. The question originally was: help us to create a pipeline of leads in six European countries. The idea was a two-step approach; first (1) fill the pipeline with leads, by engaging with them through Leads2Business. What this meant was we used the profile of the Inward Investment Attraction official and (during a six month period) got her directly connected on LinkedIn and XING (the German equivalent) with 130 decision-makers. We then (2) started honing in on the first batch of 30 leads and kicked off individual online dialogues. This led to four companies, that had an excellent fit to regional strengths, showing an interest to meet.

Besides investment attraction, we used Leads2Business for trade promotion. The Trade Office in the Netherlands of a non-European country strong with fresh, processed, organic & dry, grains and seafood, wanted to initiate a virtual trade mission (during the pandemic) covering six European countries in the Benelux and the Nordics. We created a catalogue of companies and – at the same time – reached out to 250 category food buyers. Within a five month period this led to 25 buyer requests for the catalogue, three buyers that immediately engaged with us, 13 zoom buyer meetings with food companies and a pipeline of 17 buyers still to be followed up.

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New Kombucha kid on the block – work that German food retail and wholesale

A couple, husband and wife, had created their own new Kombucha. With a good position on their domestic market, they were ready to take on Germany, a fiercely competitive food retail environment. Through Leads2Business we set up a XING (German LinkedIn) account for one of the owners and actively operated the account.

This led to 70 new first grade connections in food wholesale and retail, which in turn generated five hot leads, that received samples and accepted online meetings. The retail buying process in Germany is seasonal and we operated out of season; the first results after four months were very satisfying (and promising as well).

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